14 June 2007

Metrac's game about domestic violence

from Metrac:

Announcing a FUN and FREE online video game that challenges gender-based
violence in the lives of children and youth ...
Play RePlay: Finding Zoe on www.metrac.org today!

RePlay: Finding Zoe tells the story of two friends searching for their good
friend Zoe. They have just heard stereotyping rumors about Zoe that lead
them to conclude that she is in an abusive relationship. On their search,
the friends navigate through their neighborhood and are challenged with
situations that encourage them to work together and be respectful, confident
communicators. Success helps strengthen the two friends' resiliency and
better equips them to support Zoe.

RePlay was developed in partnership between the Metropolitan Action
Committee on Violence Against Women and Children (METRAC) and Take Action Games. METRAC is a not-for-profit organization based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada that is dedicated to preventing and ending violence against women, youth, and children. Take Action Games is well-known for creating the popular awareness-raising online game, Darfur is Dying.

METRAC's RePlay Positive Video Gaming Project was funded by the Ontario
Women's Directorate and is one of many initiatives designed as an integrated
package of resources for the education and youth sectors.

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