02 April 2008

Surprise Surprise Video Game Study Discounts Girls

Surprise, Surprise...video game study discounts girls

by Suzanne Freyjadis-Chuberka

Two Harvard researchers have just released a book based on a study about
the nature of violent games and their effect on youth...

In an interview the lead researcher, Prof. Cheryl Olson says, "Since we bought into the myth that girls don't like violent games, we didn't recruit them for focus groups in this set of studies." ...

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Apples said...

Just to be a devil's advocate :)

This male-only focus has the benefits of having one less variable that may change the data. Not that by including women you'd have a different set of data, just it's one less thing to be concerned about. It would hopefully lead to a more comprehensive picture, especially since they are not leaving out females entirely, "As a result of their general survey results the researchers now hope to include girls that play Grand Theft Auto in future studies." There can be benefits to taking things one step at a time, looking at both sides individually and then comparatively. Whew!