19 April 2009

Microsoft Recognizes Game Industry Women

This article originally appeared as part of Edge Online's coverage of GDC 2009.

Microsoft held its first ever Women in Gaming Awards Luncheon on Wednesday during GDC, an intimate event recognizing the accomplishments of all women in an industry currently dominated by men.

Winners in the four award categories were:

Kiki Wolfkill

Executive producer, director of art, Microsoft Game Studios, working on the Halo franchise

Robin Hunicke

Designer and producer at EA, working on MySims, Boom Blox!

Corrinne Yu

Principal engine programmer, Halo Team Microsoft

Siobhan Reddy

Producer on LittleBigPlanet at Media Molecule

Attending the luncheon via video was Sims and Spore man Will Wright, who was unable to make it to the event in person. But in his message he said that in his experience in working with women, they aren’t necessarily any better than men at design, but they are able to see things differently, and bring new depth to game design. In all, he’d like to see more women in senior management positions in the games industry

Sande Chen contributed to this report.

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