06 August 2013

European Women in Games Conference New Speakers Announced

A number of additional high profile speakers will be appearing :

Noirin Carmody: COO Revolution Software
Fiona Sperry: Studio Director Criterion Games
Belinda Parmar: CEO Lady Geek

For more information, see http://wigconference2013.eventbrite.com and join the Women in Games Jobs Linked In group to see how to get promotional 15% off admission.

05 August 2013

New Toys for Girls

Frustrated by the lack of non-Barbie-type toys for girls and armed with research on girls' play patterns, these entrepreneurs decided to create toys for girls that would ignite creativity, promote positive self-images, and interest girls in science and engineering.

In particular, I found the research very interesting:
"The play is also very precise with girls," says Kaskey, referring to the way in which girls set up the sports figurines on which the portable playing field and then add their own stuffed toys as spectators.

For the full article and to read descriptions of non-"pink" toys, see "New Toys for Girls" from Westchester Family.