25 October 2008

Where Are the Video Games Women Really Want?

"The notion, however, that men alone rule the gaming realm is as outdated as the Atari 2600. Men, women and children alike have answered the call to play. While the gaming industry has long tailored its approach to gaming for young men and boys, women and girls have been largely left out."

23 October 2008

Female Representation In Games Across Genres, Consoles

Which Genres Provide Male-Only, Female-Only Protagonists?

Women left on sidelines in video game revolution

L.A. times article looks into glass ceilings and the gender gap in salaries.

"Those who do land game-related jobs make less money on average than their male counterparts. Women at all levels of the field earned an average of $64,643 last year, while men earned $74,459, according to the survey."

14 October 2008

Co-worker hobbies encourage synergy, productivity

Staff sing from one hymn sheet

Take a leaf out of these corporate bibliophiles' book, FT, Oct 14, 2008

"Reading, especially high quality reading, is the mental equivalent of losing weight, eating better or going to the gym and has similar benefits."

2 articles from the Financial Times highlight that corporate programs done for seemingly frivolous entertainment have led to synergy and increased productivity.

The Sony Philharmonic Orchestra, composed mostly of engineers in Sony's divisions, has had the positive side effect of collaborations between departments. Reading programs have led to reading groups and book clubs. Reading not only improves communication skills but also, research of brain scans indicate that people who read literature, such as Shakespeare, have dramatic spikes in positive brain activity.

09 October 2008

New Video Game Aimed At Teen Girls Made In MN

PopStar - a Guitar Hero clone for teenyboppers

06 October 2008

Meeting The Needs Of Hispanic Girls With Hip Chicas

"Hip Chicas recently launched a beta for its Latina-themed virtual world hoping to change that. It's a Latina-themed virtual world for tween girls with a strong theme of "helping improve the planet" -- instead of the "traditionally negative" themes Fuentes has noticed in products targeting Hispanic girls, like "bling-bling, shopping or lipstick."

05 October 2008

If Women Were More Like Men: Why Females Earn Less

Evidence of sex discrimination in the workplace?

The first ever transgender study of the wage gap shows that men who become women do not do as well financially as women who become men.

In addition, when musicians auditioned behind a screen, this increased the likelihood of a woman getting hired for the symphony.

"He told Schilt that after he transitioned from female to male, another lawyer mistakenly believed that Susan had been fired and replaced by Thomas. The other lawyer commended the firm's boss for the replacement. He said Susan had been incompetent; "the new guy," he added, was "just delightful.""

03 October 2008

Hand over the controller, girl gamers say

Females accounted for 21% of the total sales growth last year:

In the U.S. economic slowdown, much is riding on the female gamers said Edward Williams, managing director of equity research at BMO Capital Markets.

"Publishers and developers need to create the right content that appeals to more girls in order to maintain the health of the industry," Williams said.

Special Edition Pink Madden NFL

"EA is supporting charitable efforts by releasing a limited-edition version of Madden NFL 09 that displays a pink ribbon logo in support of breast cancer awareness. Proceeds from "Madden NFL Pink" will support the Deanna Favre HOPE Foundation."